Like all great recipes, First In Flight contains a list of dynamic ingredients. In November 2015, best friends Richard (Guitar) and David (Bass) looked at each other during a concert and said “We can do this.” David had the attitude, the long black hair, and the focus. Richard had the energy and a deep love for guitar. A foundational duo to say the least. Their musical roots in heavy metal served as the first ingredient.

After weeks of writing in their gear stuffed bedrooms, it was time for the next piece. They needed a drummer, and the choice was simple. Max, described as a “child prodigy” and “bottle of sunshine” brought a certain brilliance and dependability to the group. The second ingredient was found. The sound and musicality of a neo-80s rock band was there, but it needed to be brought into the modern age.

Craigslist: Where you might find a worn in couch or a questionable used car, was where the final ingredient was found. Pat had moved from the Windy City with a pocket full of backflips and stories, and since his plane first touched down, he spent his time searching everywhere he could for a new band. Max exclaimed “You’re In!” the moment Pat finished his audition. The recipe for their sound was finally complete: Imagine eating cotton candy in the middle of a mosh pit. A sweet urgency that pushes you forward. That was First in Flight.

Since their inception, First in Flight has seen airplay on the Kevin Klein Live Morning Show, ALT105.3 Radio, toured through the West Coast, and released their newest EP “Dalliance” in April of 2018 to positive reviews. And thats just the beginning.

Vocals, Keys / Pat McCloskey
Guitar / Richard Mier
Bass / David Topete
Drums, Sampling / Max Huss


“#8 Band in the Bay Area 2018” - ALT105.3 Soundcheck Best Bay Area Bands

“80’s synth pop with experimentally sweet Jangle Pop indie and crunchingly deep guitar riffs treat you to one hell of an up-vibe anthem. - AnR Factory

“Bay Area Band Lights Up Great American Music Hall” - Respect Your Youngers

“[Never Alone] maintains an upbeat tempo to feel like a dance song without pulling away from the powerful meaning and idea” - Unfazed Magazine (Mary Perez)

“Each of FIF’s tracks has its own unique personality while the Neo-80’s vibe weaves the record together into a cohesive unit; a brash but friendly melding of genres that invokes the 80’s without making a definitive declaration.” - District Da Capo

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