The Making Of...


The First Concept...

The single was born on February 5, 2019. Pat + David met up to craft a melody and chord progression in Pat's (old) apartment.

This is the way FIF writes... it was how Danger and Never Alone were written too. It's easier for Pat to write a melody if he helps in the writing of the chord progression from the beginning.


The Whole Band Joins...

Now the core of the song is set, so Richard and Max begin to add their direction. This was the first night we ever played the concept of the song as a band. As you can tell, a lot changed since then... but it's still definitely Chopsticks and Champagne in there!


The First Live Performance...

After a month or so, it was time for Chopsticks and Champagne to hit the stage. We didn't have a name though... so we code named it Spicy Peppers.

Can you hear the differences (especially the lyrics)?

For this one we have a video... check it out! This was from our SOLD OUT Bay Area show on our West Coast Spring Tour this year.

Hope you all enjoyed this! We are ecstatic about the response from our new single, and can't wait to see you on tour in the Midwest in August!

Love, Pat