A twist of smoke and a mid-nineties show

With the taste of moonlight

(Why can’t I breathe)

You’ll try to be there, or show up later

The Universal Lie

(Why can’t I breathe)

And I’m finding solace in iconic prophecies

And losing touch while hiding from uncertainty

Don’t Leave Me Alone

When You Decide its over

You Gotta Let Me Know

Don’t Leave Me Alone

I'm Playing the Performer

To Never Be Exposed

I’ll Never Be Alone

I’m gasping, drowning for love promised by success

While friends change like seasons spotlight’s permanent Infinite relevance

A sick obsession, consequences follow me


Oh, make believe

As I tuck my heart into my sleeve

I’m in disbelief

That I fell after one night sleep, well

Her midnight whisper pulls me in

A breath that tempts me more than sin

She’s looking up at me with those brown eyes, Oh I

And that’s the way it’s going Lately

Try to deny the rush she gave me

And I’mma need someone to save me

Cause we just met, but I need to make her mine

So it starts

As she grabs my hand in the back seat of this

Taxi Car

And I don’t feel a ring

Her midnight whisper pulls me in

As I melt into her skin

She’s looking up at me with those brown eyes, Oh I


Yeah we met at the bar, with some friends, My past haunted me to no end

But this girl blew my mind from the inside out, With everything she talked about

No safe space, man I like the chase, When I saw that smile on her face

Man I had to bite, seize the night, Carpe diem, am I right?

So we flirt and we mingled, I asked my friend “Damn is she single?”

He’s like “Yeah”, I’m like “Damn”, Cause now, I just gotta be her man

She’s the only one for me, even though I didn’t know her

And I only got tonight, where I can really show her

Bright lights not right so we ducked out of sight

Then I held her real tight and we kissed that night now its


Roll down the windows, and feel the time slow

I'm swimming in your stare

A silence that could strip me bare, as I inhale

My voice shakes, stomach aches, I'm frozen with anticipation now

Staring at my escape, so close...

Finally it's time, my time

Mind's made up, my heart is racing

Draw the line

Stand up tall, my chains are breaking

Now, right now

Slam the door behind me cause I know

It'll only get better, than you're giving me

Chopsticks and Champagne, a laugh in the rain, calendar's empty, a new day

All things you don't allow, cause I'm finally out...

I held my breath a jumped, and my parachute was a feeling in my gut

Told I would not recover, now I dance to my own rhythm

Oh oh oh, the feeling of my life is coming on

This is right where I belong

The door opens, my feet frozen, this moment I must own it, these shoulders

Carry the weight of being lead astray, the price I pay, today's the day, and now I'll tell you but

My voice shakes, stomach aches, I'm frozen with anticipation now

Staring at my escape, my escape...


Two A.M. she stumbles to my door

He left her blacked out, speechless on the floor

A heart waiting on a reckless hand

With blind loyalty that I can’t break

Since she wasted all her time on you

She wasted all her (Time On)

So I’m Yelling

Danger, Danger, Danger

All Her Time On You (Danger)

Danger, Danger, Danger

All Her (Time On)

My hints and arguments are met with stone

Cause he’s a different guy when they’re alone (hear me out)

His scripted half baked apology

Without even acknowledging

His manipulative towering

Over her insecurities

And I'm Yelling

And I'm Yelling


She takes me all the way and I,

She takes me all the way and I,

Maybe I'm too scared to walk away

Maybe she's too high to remember my name

Starts a war, burns a bridge, but takes no blame

She's so damn hot that it's okay

My God, I'm so lost in you

That confident smile you use to cut the line

Everyone can see, that you're using me

Well Darling, I guess I'm blind

We circled this date back in July

Then she almost flakes, shows up late, on her phone with him all night

I wanna die, but on her way out she kisses me good bye