Release Date: June 7th, Midnight EST

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Verse 1:
Roll down the windows, and feel the time slow
I’m swimming in your stare
A silence that could strip me bare
As I inhale

My voice shakes, stomach aches
I’m frozen with anticipation, now
Staring at my escape, so close

Finally it’s time, my time … Mind’s made up, my heart is racing
Draw the line … Stand up tall, my chains are breaking
Now, right now … Slam the door behind me cause I know
It’ll only get better … Than you’re giving me

Verse 2:
Chopsticks and champagne, a laugh in the rain
Calendars empty, a new day
All things you don’t allow
Cause I’m finally out

I held my breath and jumped
My parachute was a feeling in my gut
Told I would not recover
Now I dance to my own rhythm

Pre Chorus:
Oh Oh Oh Oh, the feeling of my life is coming on
That is right where I belong

Door opens, my feet frozen
This moment, I must own it, these shoulders
Carry the weight of being lead astray
The price I paid, today’s the day, and now I’ll tell you BUT
My voice shakes, stomach aches, I’m frozen with anticipation now
Staring at my escape, my escape...